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Susan Hay
Studio "B"


I have heard people say that my paintings “sing with vitality” and to me, that is a great compliment! One of the instructors at HSAD who I studied with in 2011, told me to “make it dynamic” and I try to follow that advice with every painting I create. My acrylic paintings portray the beauty of the natural landscape. 


I have had the honour of exhibitions at the Bainton Gallery at the Blyth Festival of the Arts in Blyth, Ontario, the Corner Gallery in Haliburton, the Rails End Gallery and the Ethel Curry Gallery of Haliburton. I have been supported by the Ontario Arts Council in the form of an exhibition assistance grant. This is my first year on this Studio Tour and I am very excited to be a part of it.


I invite you to visit and enjoy my interpretations of the Haliburton Landscape.

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