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Brent McGillivray
Maureen Bennett

Guest at Studio "D"


Utilizing concepts of design learned from a history with stained glass and quilting, and finding inspiration from the Group of Seven my work reinterprets classic Canadian landscapes in a contemporary, bold, and graphic manner. I aim to capture the energy and movement of the natural world by blurring the lines between abstraction and representation,These paintings are a celebration of the beauty and resilience of the earth
I paint from the emotional experience and Intuition guides my vibrant palette choices and composition. My signature use of brilliant hues creates depth and energy which are juxtaposed by simple forms and solid shapes outlined in white, evoking a feeling of peace, solitude, and quiet. 
This year I continue to add to my “Red Canoe” series in which a “red canoe” is placed in varied distinctive Canadian landscapes.

I create photo realistic paintings with watercolour, gouache and acrylic of vanishing landmarks; roadside restaurants; motels; abandoned buildings: billboards and disappearing urban and rural artifacts. 
This year’s collection continues to focus on Neon Art. I work primarily from photographs taken on my travels, and favour a vibrant colour palette. I am particularly interested in the way that these signs serve as both functional and aesthetic elements of the built environment, and how they reflect the culture and history of the places they inhabit.
My paintings explore the dynamic relationship between architecture and light, capturing details such as the way the light filters through a window or the play of shadows on a wall.

Maureen Bennett1-Northern Comfort.jpg
Brent McGillivray1-Lights-Camera-Action.jpg
Maureen Bennett2-Georgian Morning.jpeg
Brent McGillivray3-Rainbow Bar.jpg
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